Meet our Team

We are lucky enough to have two amazing locations with spectacular views but the heart of the business is our fabulous team we have working with us. For those of you who are yet to meet all of our tour guides here they are;

First of all you have the two of us.
Cindy and Shane the owners of Segway Sensation SA. We are the first to bring guided Segway tours to South Australia. It wasn’t an easy task but with our determination we got here. We are both very driven and dedicated to our work and we’re so lucky to have great families and a large support network who are behind us every step. We’re excited for the future as we continue to develop our business and expand to new locations.
It was just the two of us running the tours for some time until Bec come along on tour multiple times. She explained that she would love to become a part of our team and she would continue to come again until we hired her. We couldn’t refuse this bright and bubbly personality so we hired our third tour guide!

As we crept closer to our goal of opening up our second location we begun the search for some new additions. We had some great interviews and met some excellent candidates. We made our final decision and hired three excellent additions Uli, Laurie and Mark. Last of all we have Hayley who helps behind the scenes assisting with our social media pages and computer based issues and occasionally capturing photos at our events.















All you want and need to know about Segway’s

We often have people ready for their tour feeling somewhat unsure of what to expect if they have not been on a Segway before. This changes very quickly after gripping the handlebar and standing onto the foot pads. Segway’s will read your body language and do as you command. Slightly leaning towards the direction u want to go will take you there, placing weight on your toes leaning slightly forward will take you straight forward. Putting pressure on your heels will slow you down and bring you to a stop. Once you get the feel of that turning is just as simple. Moving the LeanSteer bar as well as your body’s centre of gravity in that direction will take you there whilst making you feel safe and in control.

Within minutes it has you feeling confident and ready to roll. The next question we will generally be asked next would be “how fast can these things go?” Segway’s can travel up to 20km and have a self-balancing device making it extremely difficult to come off. There is no age limit for riding Segway’s only a weight limit;
Minimum 45kg and Maximum 120kg.

They are ‘Wheelie good fun’.

Fun for Everyone

 The highlight of our job and the greatest reward comes at the end of each tour when we return back to base with each group. Seeing the enjoyment on people’s faces and receiving all their feedback and gratitude from the service we have provided. It’s what we enjoy most, knowing every individual enjoyed themselves.

Everyone that comes along on tour does not leave empty handed. Riding a Segway alone is an experience in itself but gliding through some of the most stunning views South Australia has to offer is breathtaking. We pride ourselves on having a fun, approachable and friendly team who make sure everyone’s experience is a memorable one. We now present everyone with their very own Segway licence, a bit of a fun reward and souvenir to take home.

We love that our job feels more like a hobby than work and love bringing joy to our customers whilst meeting such a broad range of unique and wonderful people. All parties involved are sure to have a good time.

Tours on the Adelaide Riverbank Feb. 11th

Tours on the Adelaide riverbank will be starting on the 11th of February 2017!

They take off from the grassed area adjacent the Par 3, North Adelaide Golf Course (on the North Adelaide side of the weir, before heading off on a 6km trail taking in major attractions including Adelaide Oval, Adelaide Convention Centre, the Riverbank bridge, Adelaide Festival Centre and Adelaide Zoo.

ok, that’s just a photo of us, but real tours start soon!

We’re going to be on telly!

Channel Ten is going to do a spot featuring us some time soon!

They’ll be filming at our new home in the centre of Adelaide on the Riverbank.

We made it!

Our tours are still a few weeks away, but we actually made it to the torrens 🙂

We were there for a photo shoot for the new website, and to try out the new location. We’ve worked out  a great trail to travel, and cant wait to get started!